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Anhuang electric power technology co.,ltd. Located in YueQing Economic Development Zone, Wenzhou, Zhejiang,China. Our company is a professional company in high voltage electric power products,and we integrate with design, research and development,manufacture,application and service.
Company constantly introducing new technology,new craft,the product structure constantly improved.Our professional production testing equipment,special production technology, and professional service team can satisfy the customers’ demand.
Our company mainly produce 10KV to 35KV European type cable accessories,American type cable accessories,prefabricated transformer substation accessories,cold and heat shrink cable accessories,lightning arrester, fuse and other accessories for electric power equipment.Products are widely used in metallurgy,petrochemical,electric power,construction,municipal,environment protection,national defense,water conservancy projects and other industries.Our company obtained international quality management system certification for ISO9001,ISO14 01,OHSAS18001.



  • 2018 Annual Meeting Of Anhuang Electric Power Technology Co., Ltd. 2018 Annual Meeting Of Anhuang Electric Power Technology Co., Ltd.

    2019 New Year Banquet,and 2018 Annual meeting of Anhuang Electric Power Technology Co., Ltd.: leading the course and achieving the dream

  • Classification Of Current Fuses Classification Of Current Fuses

    According to the form of protection, can be divided into: overcurrent protection and overheating protection. Fuses used for over-current protection are commonly known fuses (also known as current limiting fuses).

  • Power Fuse Power Fuse

    Power Fuse is a generally accepted means to protect power transformers in distribution substations. The main purpose of the Power fuse is to provide a permanent fault interruption. Fuse is an economical alternative to circuit switcher or circuit breaker protection.

  • What Role Does The Fuse Play In The Circuit What Role Does The Fuse Play In The Circuit

    A fuse is an insurance policy that burns wires to prevent too much electricity. In fact, the fuse is a kind of easy to burn fine alloy wire, it can only pass through the normal electric current